shutterstock_141377476For the ultimate in Decoying action, look no further than Legend Waterfowl! Our professional guides pride themselves in putting the birds in your lap. Hard scouting and preparation ensures your hunt will be a legend! We hunt Canada’s, Snows, Ross, Blues, Specs. and all types of ducks including Puddlers and Divers.

Oklahoma is a hidden secret that everyone needs to see. We know it is hard to believe but the only thing that Canada has over Oklahoma is a more liberal bag limit. The area that Legend Waterfowl hunts is home to hundeds of thousands of waterfowl each year. If you want to experience Waterfowl hunting like Canada has to offer without the cost than you owe it to yourself to book a hunt with Legend Waterfowl.

So, why not come and hunt where the pro’s hunt, using the same Guide Service that Waterfowler TV’s Elite Team (Barnie Calief, Tim & Hunter Grounds & Banelli’s Top Gun, Tim Bradley) uses whenever they are in the area.

When asked about their hunt with the Legend Waterfowl guides, all the guys could say was, “We couldn’t believe that little geese would finish the way they did.” Jason Housley (WFTV Sales) stated that the hunt was “the best hunt of the season.”

Book your hunt with Legend Waterfowl now for in your face action! Hunts with meals, lodging, guides and equipment…..

3-days $1495

5 days $2250

Waterfowl / half day hunts morning or evening $250

Hunt Only

3 days $1200

5 days $1850